Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What do you think...??

Do you think it would be fun to vote on a pic?? I think so. In the top right there are the polls.. GO VOTE!! Pick your favorite one of each kid and vote!!

Tage 1

Tage 2

Savanna 1

Savanna 2
Boston 1

Boston 2


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Look who's 8...Months that is!

Boston is growing! Look at that, we are sitting!! It really is about time that he is.
I swear he is such a lazy baby, he's strong and knows it, but just doesn't want to do things.
Just within the last few weeks has he decided that sitting is actually is fun to do.
You know those Bumbo seats?? If not click on Bumbo to see what it is.
He loves it! but can actually flip himself out of it. Now, luckily he hasnt been close to anything that would hurt him, but its funny to see him on the floor just a talking after he does.

He's an avid clapper, and I mean AVID, does it all the time.
Likes to ramble
Chew his fingers and his hippo
Doesnt like to be on his tummy very much (what baby really does?)
Loves giving kisses (the open mouth kind)
loves his binkie
love being talked to
likes to stand
is teething (he is really good tho)
His brother and sister ADORE him (so does mom and dad, well and everyone else too)

Time really has flown by and I can't believe that Its been 8 months, I'm grateful that he still loves to cuddle and that he likes to grab my face. I love the smile on his face and the way his eyes light up when someone says hi to him. He is a beautiful little one and brings so much joy.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tages new adventure

Football is once again upon us... YAY!!!
Bart and his dad have been purchasing BYU season tickets for I believe the last 6 years, and this year they decided to purchase one extra one to have Tage start going with them as a father/son thing.
Tage has now been to 2 games and has been loving it!!

This pic is actually of my dad and Tage. Occasionally my dad gets to go and yes, he has loads of fun too. =)


A post..

So I keep being told that I need to update this or something.
Not that I have been extremely busy, but I am a mom and a wife so I think that counts for something.

Life has been busy though.....
Tage and Savanna are both in school, so for a few hours Tuesday and Thursday its quiet. Of course I have Boston, and its fun to have the one on one time with him. He is getting so big. He is 8 months old now!!! Can you believe that?? I know I cant!

Tage just got done playing his first year of soccer. It was soo much fun to go watch.
5 and 6 year olds running up and down the field, fighting for the ball, shins getting kicked, kids getting pushed and pulled...down right humorous at times. He did awesome :) and of course had so much fun.